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About us


OETEX is more than 15 years, as a specialist supplier of brake parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles , OETEX’s dedication to superior quality products, outstanding customer service and expertise in technology, have enabled us to continuously grow and outperform its competition.

We own and operate our own foundry and manufacturing,finishing facility and have more than 300 fulltime employees. Our facilities maintain the most stringent Quality Control practices and up-to-date manufacturing procedures. For these reasons our products consistently meet the highest industry standards thereby ensuring your satisfaction.

OETEX supplies quality brake parts to worldwide automotive aftermarket. We keep our range expanding all the time to meet the market requirement. We are ISO/TS16949 Certified. With an excellent reputation for superior quality, exceptional customer service, OETEX is well-positioned to expand business as it offers new products, broadens its customer base and enters new geographic markets.

We supply brake pads,brake shoes,brake block,brake discs and drums for passenger cars, trucks, trailers and buses.For brake pads,we can supply more than 300items with Emark.
Since 2008,we trade some auto parts too,such as Brake Master Cylinder,Brake Wheel Cylinder,Clutch Master Cylinder,Clutch Slave Cylinder,Brake Caliper,Vacuum Booster,Cylinder Head,Power Steering Pump,Shock Absorber,Suspension Parts,Water Pump,Bearing,Clutch Disc and Cover,Universal Joint.Some of them we can supply these parts for Truck,Passenger Cars,Buses.

Welcome you to visit our company, we believe ’’Customers’ success is our success. 

Business Type: Export,Manufacture 
Main Category: Auto Parts,Brake Pads,Braks Disc,Brake Shoes,Brake Drum. 
Main Products: Auto Parts,Brake Pads,Braks Disc,Brake Shoes,Brake Drum. 

Product Category

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