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Brake Drum-1

We are professional manufacturer for brake disc, brake drum, brake pads and brake shoes. We are well known for a longer history of producing brake disc and brake drum, largest exporting quantity, highest quality and perfect service. We have an excellent reputation in the aftermarket in the world. We began to produce brake disc and brake drum from 1993. There are more than 2000 varieties of brake disc and brake drum available for American, European and other aftermarket. We already was awarded The Quality System Certificate of TS16949.

In order to expand our business with our foreign market and gain more customers, we established Shanghai Oetex Auto Parts Company in 2005. Its main duty is responsible for exporting our company's products, develop more markets and customers.

We began to produce brake pads from 2004. It's most suitable for the brake pads of aftermarket in the large quantity, there are more than 1400 items that can be supplied. The formula are semi-metallic&non-asbestos, ceramic. We had tested our pads in Link Lab of USA and being given the certificate of Ameca. Now we had passed 200 items for R90 testing according to European standard.

In 2006, we invested brake shoes factory in Jiangsu, now we can supply more than 680items for brake shoes. Our annual output reached 1.2 million Sets.

Welcome you to visit our company, we believe "Customers' success is our success.

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